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Survey Data Entry Services

Surveys plays vital role in decision making of many businesses therefor properly entered, managed and organized survey data is required. When a company require to enter large volume of paper mail survey data outsourcing survey data entry saves cost and time.

Millions of Surveys for Data Entry

Data Entry India 24×7 works round the clock to process millions of surveys. Single page survey or surveys longer than 70-75 pages our experts of survey data entry experts collects data accurately. Range of survey responses is not limited to 70 respondents or 40,000 respondents for a single survey. Our survey data entry services are useful in keying survey data like single responses and also handwritten free form responses.

Our survey data entry services are supported with the double key survey entry and complex data field rules to validate survey data and cleansing of survey data to ensure highest level of accuracy in delivered data sets.

High Quality Survey Data Entry

Every survey response is critical even a company doing study of large volume of surveys. And entering of survey data must be accurate and integrity of survey data has to be maintained. Data Entry India 24×7 has data validation and data accuracy checks in survey data entry process to ensure high quality of keyed survey data. All single responses are double keyed and free form handwritten responses go through a strict third party quality checks to ensure 100% verified and cleanest survey data.

Accurate Survey Data Entry

Data Entry India 24×7 offers accurate survey data entry services mail surveys and paper surveys. We double keyed paper survey data to ensure high quality of our survey data entry and collected data.

Our clients generally batched and shipped or mailed paper surveys to us for accurate survey data entry at our offshore survey entry centers in India. Our survey data entry services produce close to 100% accuracy with the multiple validations and quality checks while extracting data from every paper surveys.

Survey Data Entry from All Types of Surveys

Our survey data entry team is expert in collection data from market research surveys, customer satisfaction analysis surveys, public opinion surveys, employee opinion surveys, product satisfaction analysis surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, heritage research reports surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, population survey reports and many other surveys. All paper surveys and mail surveys are sent to offshore survey processing location of Data Entry India 24×7 for survey data entry and survey coding if require.

Survey Data Entry Process

Our experts team of survey data entry develop the survey data entry form as per the survey you provided to us. This survey data entry form design will build in field validation rules, skip rules and allowable response rules and the survey output layout file will be defined. Once surveys are started to receive survey entry will begin as per our quality data entry services standards. We double keyed all surveys data for 100% verification. Paper surveys are scanned and cross-reference to survey images is provided in the data output files.

Survey Data in Any Format you Like

Clients of Data Entry India 24×7 generally requests survey data entry outputs in

  • XML
  • Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • Tab Delimited (TXT)
  • SPSS (SPV)
  • And Many Other Survey Data Entry Output – Ask us about other options!

We are providing survey data tabulations and survey coding to our many clients along with the high quality survey data entry.

Survey Data Entry Everywhere for Every Industry

Data Entry India 24×7 is providing survey data entry to manufacturers, advertisers, investment services, market research agencies, banks, publishing company, media concerns, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and other part of the world. Our survey data entry services are popularly utilized by variety of industries including healthcare, transportation, financial, banking, retail, manufacturing, insurance, government, energy, utilities, accounting and many others.

Data Entry India 24×7 is a survey data entry company providing high quality and accurate survey data entry services at cheap rates in various cities across the world. We are also keying data from patient satisfaction surveys, public opinions surveys and customer satisfaction surveys for our clients in retail, government and healthcare.

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Survey Entry

Data entry services for client satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, product surveys, consumer research surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, market research surveys and public opinion surveys data.

Rebates Entry

Data entry services to enter data from Rebate forms, warranty cards, Sweepstakes, product promotions, Enter-to-Win, loyalty programs, Customer blanks etc.

Mailing List

Data entry services to key data from subscription lists, customer sign up cards, returned mail, retail customer loyalty cards, petition lists and more!

Claims Entry

Data entry services to input data from insurance claims, health care claims, medical claims for quicker claims processing and claim collections.

Data Processing

Accurate and secure data Processing services from paper and electronic based digital documents including mail fulfillment and analysis.

Data Indexing

FIndexing and cataloging of documents for ease of search and retrieval and capturing of critical data fields from paper or digital documents to create intelligent databases and meta data collections.

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