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Why Document Management Services with Data Entry India 24×7?

Better ROI on scanning by getting information faster and easier. Once you scanned large number of documents and papers and converted them in digital format you need data quickly from that vast store of scanned data. Also, you require your search solutions to bring exact information that you required. Document management solutions of Data Entry India 24×7 will do this for you.

Logically organized documents are quickly accessible and searchable. When scanned, digital files are in high volume it is must to index documents into logically organized documents. Daily operation of business becomes smooth and headache free when these digital documents are most easily shared and quickly available for your tasks.

Millions of Pages – No Problem Our Document Management Services are Here

Our document management services helps you to perform quick search from all those millions of scanned documents and put information on your fingertips. Assume you need information off 200 pages about your old employee our document management services helps you to quickly search and retrieve this information among the million pages Data Entry India 24×7 scan for you.

Scan to Make It Easier

How our document management services helps you will not at all any surprise for you. Our offshore document management service centers will take all your burden and frees you from all worries. Few examples are as below:


For account payables, scanning vendor invoices and indexing them makes process more efficient as our document management service enables you to quickly retrieve all those scan images.

Scanning application forms, tagging application forms for multiple search criteria facilitates you with quicker review and processing of application forms.

Scanning health claim forms assists claims receivable management in capturing data from the claim forms and direct those claims form to the collection team for quick search and retrieve the scan images of the health claim using our document management services.

All universities, schools and other educational institutes with large number of student transcripts and student assessment records require all the data easily searchable and accessible. Scanning of student transcripts, health records and then able to search and retrieve digital records of students with our document management services is a perfect solution specially for the student guidance department and makes every departments work easier.

Scanned Documents Where You Want Them

Our document management services and document management solutions assists in both client server implementation or secure hosted web servers. Our document management services providing team scan and index paper and install the search application direct into your PC. We can host all the scanned images on a secure web server, scanned documents accessible only to you via secure authentication.

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Scanning, search and retrieval of vendor invoices, procurement contracts, loan documents


Student transcripts, student health records, student assessment records


Claims Receivable Management, patient medical health records

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