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Document Processing Services with Data Entry India 24×7

Fast and accurate document processing is required in industry specially large volume document processing for large document range like surveys, claims, enrollments, applications, invoices and many more documents. Data Entry India 24×7 is data processing company delivering high volume data processing requirements on time with highest level of accuracy.

Why Outsource Document Processing?

Outsourcing document processing to a reliable offshore data processing specialists with well defined process, clear inputs and outputs assuredly enables reduced document processing cost advantage. Data Entry India 24×7 is specialist processing company for large volume document processing, scanning and data entry. We provide document processing services with most competitive price and highest quality with our well developed document processing processes, strict quality checks and data processing expertise.

Quality Document Processing Services

Our document processing cycle contains the well defined data processing work flow and strict auditable quality checks for get desired outsourcing solution. We have inserted counts of documents received, count of documents processed and validation of documents against the defined data processing rules in document processing quality checks. For example, sample test requisition forms validation may be used to check incoming data against the allowed providers and in rebate processing validation rules may be used to separate rebates with missing data.

Outsource Document Processing

Our document processing services provide end to end outsourcing data processing solution for paper and mail survey processing, invoice processing, rebate processing, claims processing, bills processing, test requisition processing along with samples in medical and environmental labs, current data processing workflow require paper document processing, capture data from documents and satisfies much more document processing requirements.

Data Entry India 24×7 offers document processing services for processing of information that comes to you in variety of formats on paper or in digital format. Our document processing service process all kind of information like public opinion surveys, health claims, vendor invoices, application forms etc. You will get complete document processing solution by outsourcing data processing needs to us.

Any Kind of Document Processing – Specialist in High Volume Data Processing

  • Survey Processing Solution: Data Entry India 24×7 is an efficient data processing company providing complete survey processing solution from survey printing, survey mailing, receipt of surveys, surveys scanning, survey data entry, data coding and tabulation of data from surveys. Completed surveys by respondents either batched and shipped to Data Entry India or are received daily at our offshore document processing center in India. We track count of received surveys than we scan surveys, data keyed from surveys and output data tabulations crated with nearly 100% accuracy.
  • Invoice Processing Solution: Customers vendor invoices either in paper or electronic format received at offshore document processing centers of Data Entry India 24×7. We capture all the required data from the invoice like invoice date, invoice number, vendor name, description of item, unit price, total price, payment terms and other required in the excel data file or any other requested output data file format with almost 100% accuracy.
  • Utility Bills Processing Solution: Our clients outsource their utility bills processing to us, we either receive utility bills in paper format or in electronic format. Document processing services of Data Entry India 24×7 starts with the scanning the bills and then we key data from invoices. Data may be of utility energy management data, vendor data or other data. Now we index utility bills and make scanned images and data output available for our clients.
  • Rebate Processing Solution: Data Entry India 24×7 receive rebate coupons and rebate forms in mail at our offshore data processing centers in India. To ensure and maintain complete audit trial we scan the rebate forms and then validate requested rebate. Once rebate data entry is completed rebate form data validation is done.
  • Test requisition forms accompany which medical samples or environmental test samples document processing includes the processing of all paperwork along with the test samples. Our document processing specialists scan the paperwork, key data from the forms, index or rename the records and deliver the output data.

Your Skills and Our Document Processing

Market research company bring value to clients by analyzing collected data and don’t want to spend energy and quality time on printing surveys, mailing them out, receiving them, keying data from surveys. Let Data Entry India 24×7 process all your survey processing needs.

Medical labs always want to spend their time test samples and don’t want to utilized their time in inputting data into laboratory information system. Data Entry India 24×7 supports you and offer accurate and high quality document processing in real time even for large volume so that medical labs can spend more time to their actual task of testing samples and improve the results.

Data Entry India 24×7 is offshore data processing specialists utilized by healthcare industry for claims processing services, energy management industry for bills processing services and many other industries with the survey processing, invoice processing, rebate processing and many other even specially for large volume document processing needs.

We are providing fast, affordable and accurate document processing services to list of satisfied clients located in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and other parts of the world. Our most popular and most requested document processing services includes survey processing, claims processing, invoice processing, bills processing and utility bills processing services.

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Survey Processing

Printing and mailing of paper surveys. Receipt of surveys, scanning surveys, data collection from surveys, coding of surveys and survey data tabulations.

Claims Processing

Mail processing of healthcare claims, sorting of claims and supporting documents, scanning and data entry from claims

Sample Processing

Mail processing of paperwork received with samples at the lab. Scanning and data entry from sample documents

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