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Why Document Scanning Services with Data Entry India 24×7

Optimize business applications and better leverage technology investments by digitizing physical documents with document scanning and document imaging services.

Accurate Scanning Services

We provide best in class document scanning services using latest scan equipment and up-to-date scanning software for creating the best scan quality images. Our document scanning and document imaging services are backed with the robust scanning and imaging process including document preparation and document indexing for small to large volume paper scanning. Every step of work process furnished with the quality checks.

Effective Scanning

Our fast and flexible document scanning services are suitable for one box to any number of boxes. We work as your offshore document scanning partner and scale our document imaging services according to your document scanning needs to produce best scan images.

If you need time bound document scanning and consistent high quality scan images organized correctly into digital document folders outsource document scanning to us and Data Entry India 24×7 scanning and imaging services ensures efficient scanning.

Security in Scanning Documents

Documents are always critical for every business. We ensure security of documents you sent us for scanning with thigh security checks. Our document scanning services are backed with the cover facility security, background checks for people and security protocols for our network.

Millions of Pages to Scan, No Worries

Data Entry India 24×7 will scan paper files to PDF and other image formats just put all your binders and paper files in boxes and send us. We have ultra-modern facility to scan. Our team supporting document scanning services prepare document for scanning, scan the document, index the scanned image ensuring that each page is scanned and each scanned image is of the highest quality.

What you Scan?

Everything from one box of papers to any number of documents. We have vast experience in providing document scanning services, few examples are as below:

  • Bookkeeping firm from USA outsource invoice scanning to us. Invoices are mailed us, we scan and extract key data from invoices and make scan images of invoices and send back to client.
  • A law form in a USA get support of our legal document scanning services and litigation document scanning services. This law firm outsource large volume of legal case files and legal discovery documents to scan and make these legal papers searchable for quick access of required information through scanned documents. Our document scanning services helps to scan discovery documents unitize them into logical scan files.
  • A company from UK real estate industry required to scan apartment lease documents and lease contracts. Our document scanning and imaging services utilized to convert lease contracts into scanned image files with named by apartment number for ease of search and access.
  • Known hospitals and doctors of USA outsource large volume of medical records scanning and utilize our document scanning services to convert it into digital format. We are offshore document scanning partner to scan medical records and digitization of medical patient charts to convert medical paper and documents into scanned electronic medical records. We protect patients medical records and make it easily accessible to hospitals.
  • A company from Australia outsource to scan millions of pages to scan document and convert these papers in image format. Each scan image was indexed by separate search fields.
  • Pharmaceutical and Pharmacology companies of USA outsource research papers and documents scanning using our high quality and efficient document scanning services. our document scanning team scanned documents and convert scanned images into PDF file and indexed these PDF file by subject title and name for easy search and access.
  • A company from Middle East utilizing our document scanning services to scan facility plans and back file documents. All these facility plans are E size drawings and intermixed with standard 8 1/2 X 11 pages. Scanning of all documents was done at 300 dpi or higher resolution.
  • An insurance company in USA utilizing our document scanning and imaging services for easy claims receivables management. We are hired to scan large volume of health claim forms, captured the data from the claim forms, and then routed the scan images of the claims to the collection.
  • Several enterprise level firms outsource paper files to scan documents and convert all paper and files in to digital and searchable format using our document and file scanning services.

How We Scan Documents?

Send all files and documents require to scan at our offshore facility center in India. Our document scanning services will prepare the document for scanning by removing the paper from the files and binders removing staples and other clips, inserting separation sheets to make logical document sets.

Our scanners are set to settings that produce best quality images for the documents being scanned. Many cases after scanning and indexing file rename is required to match name on the paper file folders. We send all scanned images back to our clients with portable drive and secure encrypted FTP services as per the storage size required.

Why You Need Document Scanning?

  • Document imaging ensures easy sharing of information with scanned documents. It is obvious easy to share and distribute scanned files than papers files and documents.
  • Document
  • Storage paper files and documents is an issue? Document scanning services helps you to save high spending on storage space i.e cabinets, premises etc. and also save monthly storage spaces.
  • Scan documents for better audits and compliance as it would be easy to locate, access and using for compliance.
  • Search easily with the scanned documents and effective indexing to locate the information required.

Data Entry India 24×7 is a document scanning company offering fast, affordable and accurate high quality document scanning services to clients in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle-East and other countries of the world. Our document scanning services are most suitable for large volume of document scanning.

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