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Large Format Scanning at Data Entry India 24×7 for Scanning Drawings

Drawings and blueprints falls in large format scanning and require special care while scanning and indexing. Data Entry India 24×7 scan one single drawing or help you to scan large volume architectural plans and engineering drawings using fast, affordable and accurate large format scanning services.

Large Format Scanning Quality

There are several media like mylar, onion skin, blue line, or even on linen to construct large drawings or print. Also age of large drawings or prints are different and needs high quality large format scanning.  Just scan the drawing through high quality scanner is not important but our large format scanning team optimize drawings color, drawing contrast, resolution, color drop-out settings to produce highest quality large format scan images in our fast and accurate large format scanning services.

We Do More Than Large Format Scanning

Our years of experience and capabilities of large format scanning enable us to provide more than just large format scanning services at offshore location. Our clients also outsource large format scanning to us if they need to convert it to CAD. Our extended services also includes CAD drafting, converting 2D drawing to 3D model using SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Revit and other CAD drafting software along with the high quality large format scanning services.

Our Value Added Services Includes:

  • Large format Scanning of Engineering Drawings: Data Entry India 24×7 is easily convert all size of engineering drawings with high quality large format scanning services. Our experienced, skilled and specially trained large format scanning services teams scan large engineering drawings of all A, B, C, D, and E and convert to PDF or other required digital format. Our large format scanning services are used to scan Black and white drawings, blue prints, blue line drawings, drawings on onion-skin paper or linen using special scan image enhancement features and convert them into high quality images.
  • Conversion of Large Format Drawing to AutoCAD Format: Rather raster conversion or vector conversion, translation of text, line and circle attributes of drawings to convert and reconstruct drawing in AutoCAD format, we care all for large format scan images of architectural and engineering drawings.
  • Quality Assurance in Large Format Scanning and Conversion: No deviation large format drawing document require special attention in post scan conversion to editable AutoCAD drawing format for high quality. Data Entry India 24×7 ensures quality with 1:1 overlay check with the original engineering drawing.
  • Scanning Large Format Art Work: Artist usually scan their masterpiece even if it is in large format. We have capabilities and specially trained team for large format scanning of art work. Our large format scanning ensures exact digital image of your large format artwork. Large format scanning services of Data Entry India 24×7 supports watercolor, fine line drawings, art posters, art printers and much more to facilitate art people working in the art industry.
  • Indexing Large Format Drawings: Large format scanning is not only service required, sometimes there is a need to rename large volume of drawings. Data Entry India 24×7 eager to help you to solve this puzzle just send image files via secure encrypted FTP and our experts of indexing large formats rename as per the instruction provided by you. Indexing of large format drawings specially useful when large volume of paper drawings converted and require to indexed by multiple search criteria. Easily search and access large format scans with indexing services for large format drawings.

Data Entry India 24×7 is most trusted name in providing large format scanning services. Our clients located in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and other countries of the world maximize benefits with our fast, affordable and accurate large format scanning services.

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Scanning Drawings

Scanning of architectural drawings, scanning of engineering drawings and scanning of large format drawings.

CAD Conversion

Scan to CAD Conversion, Conversion of PDF to Auto CAD drawings, Conversion of red-lined drawings to CAD drawings.

2D-3D Conversion

From paper drawings to CAD drawings and conversion of drawings to 3D.

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